Prism Calibration Tool

Prism Calibration Tool is the PC program supporting Epiroc’s high-quality option Total Station Navigation.

The software is designed to be used together with the computerized Boomer, Boltec and Simba drill rigs equipped with RCS and the optional function Total Station Navigation.

Features for Prism Calibration Tool:

• Calibrating the drill rig internal laser 
• Calibrating the positions of the rig prisms 
• Validating the Total Station 
• Selecting Total Station radio channel 
• Generating parameters from the calibration

Update of Prism Calibration Tool

This page is intended for you who already have purchased the Prism Calibration Tool. 
Updates for Prism Calibration Tool are available here. 

  • Download the updated program version 
  • Save the file to a location on your computer 
  • Double-click on the Setup.exe 
  • Follow the instructions as specified in the Users manual that you already have from the CD or previous updates.

 Present version is: 
    Epiroc Prism Calibration Tool 2.11