Underground Manager

Important Notice!

Drill plan name is now used as Iredes id when exporting. IMPORTANT: Quality logs from rigs working on a drill plan that was created in a UM version prior to 1.13 should be imported BEFORE updating UM or the logs might not automatically connect to its drill plan. After updating, drill plans should be resent to the rigs, replacing their old counterparts. This is primarily relevant for RCS4 rigs that generate quality logs to the old format (.log).

Underground Manager is a support software for planning, administration and evaluation of the drilling operation in mining and tunnelling projects.

The Epiroc drifting and tunnelling Boomer rigs with computer control are not only an efficient piece of equipment for drilling, but are also capable of utilizing planning data for navigation and positioning of the holes to be drilled, and of continuously and automatically collecting drilling data while drilling. 

Underground Manager is available in three levels, Underground ManagerUnderground Manager Pro and Underground Manager MWD.

Update of Underground Manager

This page is intended for you who already have purchased the Underground Manager program. 

Updates for Underground Manager are available here. 

Download the latest version from the link below. 


  • Download the updated program version 
  • Save the file to a location on your computer 
  • Double-click on the Setup.exe 
  • Follow the instructions as specified in the Users manual that you already have from the CD or previous updates.